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I'm 16, and I hate being 16, I want to be 18 :) Can't wait. Only a year and a half more. I want to drive, so I can't wait until i'm 17 either :) Provisional, yess! Then Pass ;) I love music - I'm studying "BTEC National Diploma in Popular Music" and I'm hoping to go on to Uni and do something music based (ACM) but I suck at coursework, so I dun't know if that'd happen.

I Need A Job BADLY, But nowhere will take me, Pfft.

I'm outgoing and usually happy. I Skate My Board, I Play My Music, I Party Till I Drop and I know this is a cliché but I do love EVERYTHING (Music Wise) Or at least almost everything. I'll listen to whatever's blastin' through the speakers ;).

Barcelona Next Year, I can't wait, what a session that'll be. Skate in the day, piss up in the night. Sounds good aye? About 30 of us altogether :| Sounds Sick.

Noel Fielding is a legend!

Indie is my most loved genre of music :) So if you're an indie kid, get in touch. Here's som bands I love:

broken social scene, arcade fire, bloc party, we are scientists, fischerspooner, arctic monkeys and a lot more...
Name Joe
Gender Male
Age 25
Location London, ENG
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Interested in Women
Status Single
Interests music, skateboarding, guitar, drums, dvd, laptop, friends
Music everything literally, but some rnb i don't like
TV the mighty boosh, the oc, friends, top gear, never mind the buzzcocks
Books of mice and men, harry potter, northern lights
Quotes "Come into my mouth little fish..." - David Attenborough

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Hey I like all of your layouts especially the cartoon one (Spongebob) Do you thinku could like do a Taz layout like that?

By mareezy-babay14 on Aug 1, 2009 11:38 am · History

I know. D: I need to get some sort of blog back up. It's been over two months. Maybe I'll do that this weekend.

The site's been okay. Hits have gone waaaaay down. Not sure why. D:

Yay! I'll add your link back to my affs. Nice new layout, btw. :D

By schizo on Oct 29, 2008 4:28 pm · History

aww yay. you got your site back up! :)

By michellekdo on Sep 30, 2008 11:24 pm · History

yes, so the text goes all the way down the page. because the scroll bar stayed the internet default (blue-ish) and it just didnt seem to fit. and for some reason it doesnt always let people scroll. it's like it sticks. so i wanted to try just taking it out..

By sydniemarierinehart on Sep 27, 2008 6:48 pm · History

i absolutely love the layout with the aristotle quote. it's amazing. but i want to take the scroll box out..and i looked through the code and couldn't fine where it was. so if you could help me that would be amazing.

By sydniemarierinehart on Sep 20, 2008 10:26 am · History

Many thanks for the layout comment. :]

By melancholiclights on Sep 15, 2008 12:05 am · History

Yeah, I have to pay $500 a year. My day pays for 2/3 of it though. :D

Flip through a dictionary. That's what I did. It's nerdy, but it works.

By schizo on Sep 14, 2008 8:52 pm · History

I'm hosted on my own server now. No idea what company I bought the server from, though. I didn't take care of any of that. xP

'Tis awesome that you're getting back into the whole website thing. Are you going to renew pill-pop or go with a completely new domain?

By schizo on Sep 14, 2008 7:58 pm · History

thanks for using my layout. It's so weird seeing it on someone else's page besides mine!

By protos on May 21, 2008 9:59 am · History

Hey (:
Mhm, which website?

By sorrysunshine on Mar 31, 2008 6:00 am · History
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