The Gig

December 18 2007, 6:23 PM

So today I had to do a gig at college :) I invited lots of familly, and other people's families were there, and fans and friends :)

It was awesome, went well, loved it. But when I went on to perform naive (acoustic cover) I had a faulty jack to jack lead =| so I tried the other lead I had, and stillit wouldn't work, no sound came out, so now i'm shaking because of my nerves. I mess about with the lead in the pickup part of the electric acoustic guitar and it's making a crackling sound =| everybody laughed, but it didn't embarrass[sp?] me or change the way I played, I loved it. When I started playing, the guitar was too loud, so when it came to a little break in the song, I had to turn it down on the acoustic, but before that I had to play soft =| what a nightmare. It got better while playing though and I succeeded :) whooop. The crowd loved watching us play.

Also at the gig, I performed Valerie (amy winehouse and mark ronson version). I was on bass, and played it quite well if I may say so myself, even though it's an easy instrument, the bass guitar helps keep the tempo etc... along with the drums, so it's quite hard. But yeah it all went good, except Ozzy's guitar was out of tune because of the wanker Martin who knocked it out of tune before we went on. But I don't think the crowd noticed :)

Everything went down well :)

Next news: I have a new website - - yess! Top level domain, finally. It's my hosting/blog/resource website :) i'm currently hosting 4 hostees. If you have a site and want to get hosted on a subdomain with PHP and MYSQL, then apply at pill pop :), it's free :)



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So Much To Do...

November 11 2007, 10:37 AM

Argh, it's Sunday, the Sabbath, My chilling day. I'm not going out anywhere because i'm unable to as I have FOUR assignments due in to college for Next Week! Stressful. Another 2 are going to be piled on just before Christmas. It's a mission. Because of all this, i've had no time to update my websites. It's annoying.

Non-College work: I Really need to get a job. I've applied for one so for, but they said my Interview was really good, yet two other people got the job because of experience. Well how am I ever going to get a job if every employer says that? I need some place to start my experience so I can work my way up. I'll probably end up working in some big worldwide store, which I don't really want to do as it'll be hectic every single day.

Peace, Joe.

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