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I know. D: I need to get some sort of blog back up. It's been over two months. Maybe I'll do that this weekend.

The site's been okay. Hits have gone waaaaay down. Not sure why. D:

Yay! I'll add your link back to my affs. Nice new layout, btw. :D

Posted by schizo on Oct 29, 08 4:28 pm

Hey! :)
I'm well gutted I can't comment on your website :( I've only just thought of using Createblog to get in touch with you :D
What's going on with the site? :( and...

GUESS WHAT? :D is back :D but only till December then i'll get a new domain! :P i have nothing on there at the moment, it's just a blog, I have no photoshop because i'm having to use my family computer since my laptop charger is busted :(


Posted by joespace on Oct 28, 08 8:57 pm

Yeah, I have to pay $500 a year. My day pays for 2/3 of it though. :D

Flip through a dictionary. That's what I did. It's nerdy, but it works.

Posted by schizo on Sep 14, 08 8:52 pm

Ohh right cool, expensive?

Umm, i doubt i'm going to renew pill-pop because it's too druggy, haha, so i'm trying to think of a new name, but i'm having trouble, i really have no ideas in mind :\

Helppp please :(


Posted by joespace on Sep 14, 08 8:06 pm

I'm hosted on my own server now. No idea what company I bought the server from, though. I didn't take care of any of that. xP

'Tis awesome that you're getting back into the whole website thing. Are you going to renew pill-pop or go with a completely new domain?

Posted by schizo on Sep 14, 08 7:58 pm

YAY! And I just realised! hasn't gone, the domain is still alive :)
It runs out december this year, it's just my host deleted it! but i'm going to re-use it, I have 82 days left, and by then i'll get a new domain! AND i remember - also hosted me, that was good, so i'm going back! :D

Posted by joespace on Sep 14, 08 6:20 pm

Hey! Who's your site host? I can't remember who hosted me when I had pill-pop, free domain hosting it was :) they've changed their URL, so now i'm screwed, because I don't want to pay for the hosting, unless it has unlimited subdomains & FTP Accounts!

:) Joe.

Posted by joespace on Sep 14, 08 6:13 pm

Thaaank you :]

Posted by joespace on Nov 21, 07 2:12 pm

Hahaha :D It is very surreal isn't it? :) I like "surrealness" - Think I made up a word there ;)

Joe. :P

Posted by joespace on Nov 11, 07 12:15 pm

Yeah I got your comment. I added you already.
I don't know why my email wasn't working. It works for everyone else.

Posted by schizo on Sep 24, 07 6:23 pm

Hey, I tried to affliate with your site but I couldn't email you =(
It wouldn't recognize "" =(

Posted by joespace on Sep 24, 07 5:49 pm

Ah, I feel so young. I'm only thirteen D:

Well they're not really paying for it. They don't trust me with credit cards or paypal so they're doing all the work but I'm giving them the money for it. I babysit for these rich people so I have plenty of cash. :DD

Glad I can somewhat help with the layout colors and name thing and such. That sentence didn't make much sense but I think you get the point.

Posted by schizo on Aug 30, 07 6:52 pm

And to your other comment:

yepp =) I'm starting college now YAY, cause i'm 16 =]
How old are you?

Awh, my parents would never pay for a website for me =[ but i'm gonna get a job soon =] So I can pay for one myself =] They're only cheap I think? =D

Light tan eh? =) Cheers =) I'm gonna do it tomorrow or something as I need sleep now, haha i'm tirrrrrred =]

Thank for the background color suggestion =]

Yeah the colors and images you use on your layouts are well cool!!! =]

Posted by joespace on Aug 29, 07 9:39 pm

Hey! =] Thanks for the valentine comment =] Yepp, love stuff goes on all the time =] I shouldn't have used the words "be my valentine" but it doesn't matter =] haha, yeah I wasn't very fond of the YOUR NAME part, it didn't go well, I just thought the layout needed more. I'm gonna take it off now =]

Posted by joespace on Aug 29, 07 9:05 pm

Woah that comment was long, ha. I think mine's going to be equally as long....XD

You're starting college? I'm not even in high school yet...But I know the school system is different in the US. I still have about five years until I could go off to college D:

The only reason my dad knows about createblog is because he pays for my website and likes to look at the stuff that I make because he thinks I'm a genius or something. I try to convince him that it's not THAT difficult but he doesn't seem to get it :-/

And for your clock layout. Maybe make the background a light tan color? I'm not really sure...the image looks difficult to work with. Bah, I hate figuring out colors. That's why most of my layouts are purple, green, or red.

Posted by schizo on Aug 29, 07 5:31 pm

Haha, i'm going to stay on your profile all day just for the songs ! =D They're awesome =)

And, to your comment about your pics:

So they are still there, :) Didn't bother looking in the actual pics, haha, i'm Laaazy :] awh, my parents know NOTHING about createblog and stuff, haha, well, only myspace =] Createblog they don't know about, as none of my friends or anyone uses it =] They all think making layouts and graphics and web design and stuff is boring, and lame =] But i'm like: "Noo! You just suck at it :)"


I'm going to college in 2 days =] Just starting :) Over here, it's 16 to go to college, =] Finished highschool a couple of months ago :]

Can't waaaaaaait. I get to play the drums for a whole 2 years, every day! =D

That's just FANTABYDASTIC =)

Haha, well this is a mission comment =] Enjoy reading it? Hahaha, =] When I get going, I never stop with typing =] My fingers just go RAR RAR RAR :]

You're probably in bed now.. I think =] I don't know the time space between the UK and America :]

It's 03:11am here ;]

I hate sleeping at night. NOCTURNEL =]

Posted by joespace on Aug 28, 07 10:12 pm

=D Thanks ofr the layout comment - Time is ticking - =] So, the suggestion, =] keep the dots, but make it lighter right? =] Or just make a whole new funky background alltogether? =]

Thanks :)


Posted by joespace on Aug 28, 07 10:06 pm

Oh it's still there, it's just not my "default" image. It's just a precaution that I took them down. My dad knows about semi-popular-ness on createblog now and if he saw I had a bunch of pics up, he might freak. He probably wouldn't but I don't want him to ban me from the computer or something. I usually think that the worst is going to happen...

Posted by schizo on Aug 28, 07 6:08 pm

:) I mean, there used to be that pic with you and you had the censored image overyour mouth :) That was cool :) howcome none of your pics are on here anymore then?

Posted by joespace on Aug 27, 07 8:48 pm

Ok much better :D
Ah, that's probably my favorite MCR song. I haven't heard it in awhile though...stupid shuffle.

Oh and what do you mean about my pic being gone...?

Posted by schizo on Aug 27, 07 8:19 pm
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