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aww yay. you got your site back up! :)

Posted by michellekdo on Sep 30, 08 11:24 pm

'omg' lol, hey! :)
I've been getting on more with college and my social life :D
And at the same time neglecting createblog and continuing with my website :D :) you know what it is already though don't yooou :)
go send a comment there ;)


Posted by joespace on Mar 14, 08 10:37 pm

No problem :]
Hope to hear from you soon :D


Posted by joespace on Dec 28, 07 2:33 pm

hey thank you so much for the web hostin \g =D =D i will sign up when i get home from work :)

Posted by michellekdo on Dec 28, 07 8:36 am

Btw, if you make a site now, I can host you :D
Well, I can host you, then you can make a website :D

go to p to apply :D

Thanks, Joe. :)

Posted by joespace on Dec 27, 07 11:23 pm

Thanks? :]
Awww is good yeees? :D


Posted by joespace on Dec 27, 07 11:22 pm

Thanks :D

Posted by joespace on Nov 20, 07 9:53 pm

haha thanks ! :]

Posted by michellekdo on Nov 10, 07 3:56 pm

thanks for the tip!

Posted by michellekdo on Oct 29, 07 6:12 pm

Hey :] Don't get a paid domain yet then :] Make a website, on a free host. Maybe freewebs? That's how I started, then I used as my domain name, so it became -, then I got hosted by I have a sub-domain with the owner, Rise, for free :] But soon i'll be paying for a full domain :] - - Haven't got money yet though :]

Joe :]

Posted by joespace on Oct 29, 07 4:44 pm

thank you for the layout comment. i really wish i could have my own domain but can't afford it and that i dont have a credit card >.< and your website is awesome.

Posted by michellekdo on Oct 21, 07 12:08 am
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